The easiest way to create laser shows

Mac OS laser show software

Intuitive laser show software for Windows and Apple MacOS

We hate complicated things. That’s why Fiesta 5 laser show software is one of the most user friendly software you can find.

Laser show controllers

For your ILDA laser projectors 2 2

ILDA laser show controller for your laser with DMX512 input and output (DMX laser).

Moncha.go 2

Moncha.go 2

Perfect product if you’re just starting with lasers or you don’t use DMX512.

Laser show controllers

For integration inside laser system
Moncha.lite 2 board

Moncha.lite 2

One of the world's smallest Ethernet laser show controllers.

The Upgrade laser show controller

The Upgrade

Go beyond your current laser show technology - upgrade your present controller.

Customers reviews

The software is flawless and bug free, allowing us to trust it for the most sensitive mission-critical shows that could 'make or break' our company. Showtacle has controlled the lasers on numerous world tours such as: Roger Waters, Imagine Dragons, Pretty Lights, Wiz Khalifa, Skrillex, Eric Prydz, Excision, The Killers, and more.
George Dodworth
George Dodworth
Lightwave International
The application Fiesta, which was developed over a decade ago, is still the easiest to use in the world, and you can create scenes quickly. This is amazing! I think people who don't know this controller are losing money.
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Teruo Saito
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