F4M – create new scenes

Creating laser show scenes is really fun in latest Fiesta for Mac. It’s because you can finally use complete timeline in your scenes.


To create laser show scenes, you can use complete timeline control in Fiesta for Mac.

Timeline control

Fiesta for Mac timeline

You can add several types of events into the timeline. They are all located in Events panel. The green events render some image to your laser. Blue events are usually transformations/animations.

Events panel

Events panel

To add new event to your timeline just drag and drop it into the timeline. You can use multiple events in your timeline, which allows you to create complicated laser show scenes.

Event properties

Every event has some static properties. You can control them in Event properties panel. E.g. for Shape event you can define shape, position, size, rotation and color. You can also define how many points should be used to render the shape (Points density).

Event properties panel

Shape properties

We call them static properties, since they don’t change during the event. Every event contains also dynamic properties – but we’ll talk about them next time.