F4M – practical docking windows in laser show software

Dockable windows in laser show software allows you to configure your software anyway you want.

Why you might need configurable windows in your laser show software?

The reason is simple – you don’t just create laser shows for music typically in your laser show software. But you use it also in live mode.

Live laser shows

Typically you don’t need timeline or any other controls related to creating music synchronized laser show when performing live. You’ll probably need just banks with scenes, live settings and crossfaders. And maybe some of you are used to use position controls – but we don’t think, it looks so good, when you play with position (or even size) when performing live laser show.

Default DJ mode – all the tools you need for your live laser show

Laser shows for music

In case you’ll create laser shows synchronized to music, you’ll mainly be focused on creating new scenes and using them in the timeline. The tools you’ll definitely need is the timeline (named Shows in Fiesta for Mac), new events, banks with scenes and event properties with editor. And probably if you need to speed up your creation process, the Library is great.

Creating music synchronized laser show – anyway you want

We’ll talk about all the windows in the future, but those are probably all you need to use when creating new laser show in Fiesta for Mac.

Multi-monitor support

The ability to arrange the windows gives you also option to distribute the windows across several monitors too.


Multi-monitor setup in Fiesta for Mac

There’s always lack of space when creating new show, multiple monitor layout greatly improves the speed of creation.