Fiesta 5 – laser show software for Windows and Mac

Yes, after so many client requests we release new Fiesta 5, which is available for both most popular platforms- Windows and Mac.



Why both platforms?

Because we don’t want our clients to choose one. There are people who like Windows and there are people who just love Mac and won’t use other operating system. We just think it’s fair to support both. This gives you an option to use both platforms in your workflow. A lot of graphic guys like to use Mac. And now they can to create your laser show. But lot of technicians always use Windows – and now they can to playback the laser shows.

iMac 2021 – sexy for laser shows 🙂


What’s the difference between both versions?


Yes, that’s all. It’s the same software.


Our opinion

Not that it matters so much, but if you would ask us, which version is better – we don’t know. My personal feeling – for my business work and development I like Windows better. But if you want to be creative, to cut video or create laser show – the Mac just feels right. It supports creativity. And let’s be honest – the new M1 chip is incredibly fast so it’s perfect for laser shows.

We provide demo version for both Windows and Mac in our download section. So go ahead, download it and try it for free now.