New Fiesta for Mac 1.0.83 – improvements for texts

In this latest version of Fiesta for Mac we’ve been focused on fixing and improving important text rendering. Previous version didn’t support character sets like Japanese or Arabic. Those are of course very important for clients. Also we fixed other issues related to text rendering, e.g. example optimize objects in editor was not working good for text.

We’ve added also a couple of new features like vertical text, or little changes for scan rate settings. Following video shows a overview of all changes in new Fiesta.

New features

  • Vertical text with scrolling and spacing
  • Improve control for selection of font
  • support mouse wheel to change value by one unit for all sliders (for example: scan rate in Hardware settings, size in laser settings)
  • Editor supports optimize selected objects or currently drawing objects
  • Improvements in optimize window, like number points on corners, tooltips

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Fixed bugs

  • Correctly display of text for character sets like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic etc.
  • Fixed bug: if user insert new laser zone after removed all laser zones, then no effect is rendering
  • Fixed bug in editor: if two or more objects are selected for tool “Resize” or “Rotate”, then no point can be selected for “Edit” tool.
  • Fixed bug in editor: Incorrect output of feature “Optimize” with checked “Optimize ends”. For example: Text “text” generates very low number of points for character ‘t’ but good number of points for character ‘e’.

We hope you’ll like the new version 🙂 …

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