Fiesta 5

Macbook Air laser show software

"It's so MAC-like!"

-Client after testing Fiesta 5 for the first time.

If you like Apple products and Mac OS – you will love new Fiesta 5 (formerly known as Fiesta for Mac). The latest version of Fiesta is working for the best operating system in the world – Mac OS. And also works for other best operating system in the world – Windows. You can use your iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook PRO or any Windows computer for laser shows!

Precise time line control
Precise effect control


Using latest Fiesta 5 you can control your effects precisely using popular curve tools. Almost all the properties of your animations can be controlled using advanced keyframe tools.

Timeline everywhere

Now you can use timeline to create even your live-show scenes. This allows you to create amazing new laser show effects beyond your imagination.

Extensive support for laser shows with many lasers

We know you need to use multiple lasers for your amazing laser shows. New Fiesta 5 gives you amazing new tools to create multi-laser scenes. Splitting graphics into multiple lasers or special delay transformation allows you to create stunning multi laser scenes in a second.


Laser animation time offset

Animation Library

It’s not just animation library. You can use the library to save interesting animations or even complete laser show scenes. And you’ll use the same library for scenes and shows! Very practical.

Animation Library
Laser show graphics editor

Integrated graphics editor

You can finally draw your graphics directly in the software. It’s great for animations and laser mapping. It uses Bezier curves as a basic drawing element – same like you’re used to in Adobe Illustrator or Corel DRAW software.

Supported laser show controllers

You can use following devices with the new Fiesta 5 software

All our controllers features:

  • Practical Ethernet connection (no more USB!)
  • Maximal scan rate up to 100.000pps
  • Practical web configuration with all important settings. You can use your iPhone, iPad or any Android device to configure your laser show controllers even over wireless network.
  • Art-Net control
  • Micro SD card up to 64GB to store laser show animations or complete shows
  • Perfectly fluent animation even when using 20 or more devices at once
iPhone with laser controller web configuration

A lot more ...

This is the list of few more features you’ll benefit from, when using new Fiesta 5.

Laser show for many laser projectors

We love laser show for many lasers. And Fiesta 5 provides a lot of advanced tools to create laser show for many lasers. You can create multi-laser scenes, set different time offset for many lasers quickly or split your laser graphics into multiple laser projectors in a second.

Intuitive way of creating new laser show effects

Fiesta 5 uses timeline as a basic tool to create new laser show scenes. This gives you an option to create advanced laser show scenes using precise key-frame control.

Define your own window layout + multi monitor support

Fiesta 5 provides user defined window layout. This gives you an option to see the right controls in the right time. You don’t need to see timeline when performing live show? Just hide it. Almost any portion of the software can be hidden or attached to any place in your desktop.

Powerful effect library

We’ve spent a lot of time implementing the laser effect library. It allows you to store interesting animations, events or event complete time-lines in the library. Do you use some kind of animation all the time? Just store it and use it in the scenes or shows anytime again.

Stunning laser show preview

You don’t need to buy any special additional software – Fiesta 5 provides 3D laser show simulation, so you can preview your show to your client (so he can sign the laser show order easily).

Integrated graphic editor

Laser mapping has become a lot more popular. In Fiesta 5 you can draw new laser graphics using integrated graphic editor. This feels like you are actually drawing on your building or any other object using lasers.

Zone projection

You can define advanced grid for zone projection. This allows you precisely display your laser show graphics on curved surfaces.

High performance

We’ve used F5 to control 50 lasers directly from one computer. And it’s working just fine. The code is optimised to use performance of the latest multi-core processors. No lagging or unreliable software run.

No more memory crashes

Fiesta 5 uses 64-bit processor architecture, so there are no memory issues.