Re: Migration Fiesta 1 vers Fiesta 2


    You can download and install Fiesta! 2 version to see the differences yourself. But the most important are:

    -Brightness map editor
    -Grid and rectangle test pattern
    -OpenGL laser visualization
    -Showtacle Fiesta! 2 USB device support
    -Fixed Morphing fader when morphing from/to empty effect
    -Higher curve resolution in Keyframer
    -Hardware key status in status bar.
    -Highlite points multiplier.
    -Text color
    -Demo mode – possibility to run for n-minutes and not run for m-minutes.
    -Pause blinking
    -Paste of transformation at the end, when no transformation is selected
    -Bank names displayed in Demo director
    -Reset, copy, paste curve in keyframer
    -Open fader(create image from first to last point)
    -Added position of palette point in Color Changer, ‘delete’ key deletes point
    -Fixed transfer time control from MIDI(inversed)
    -Fixed moving transformations in trasformation list
    -Preview offset for effects(use CTRL + mouse wheel in banks to set preview offset)
    -Scanrate for effects is working correctly(also in show) – lowest scanrate takes precedence
    -Selected transformation remains selected after changing order transformations + pasted transformation is automatically selected
    -Logaritmic MIDI controller on transfer time
    -Mirrors transformation(perfect for Mirrors)
    -Fixed wrap bug
    -Scanrate added to keyframer
    -Riya USB support
    -Drag&Drop files on effect panel
    -ILDA file load fixed. If there is less than 50 frames, it loads them automatically, if more, displays load dialog
    -MIDI out director
    -Recolor in real-time drawing attributes
    -Fixed virtual device size & position, added clip to virtual device size
    -Improved splashscreen

    And lot more bug fixes…