Re: Pin out please

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Please can you give me the pinout of what pins should be shorted out to make this dot thing goaway as I have the same problem.


this is a snip of a reply email from Dusan when i had this proble a year or so back


Dear Ben

About ILDA cable, all our cables are tested so I thing that problem was other.
I thing that with pin 7 and 14 because in standard it is for Interlock but our lasers don’t need it so this pins are conected directly together in our laser.
Our interlock is provided another. If the signal not going to laser than laser are not running so we don’t need pin 7 and 14.
Please in attachment you will find description of our conection and standard conection like is recomended by Pangolin.
So please checkit.
So if ther was another problem Let me exactly where was problem according you.

Thanks a lot,
<< END SNIP You may find that this will this will fix the problem as i found the cable supplied by Fiesta did not have these pins wired at all, which is fine if used on thier projectors but cab be problematic when used on other units. If you go the the laserfx web site they have a pin out listing … outs9.html

hope this helps you out, there is nothing more frustrating than having the toys and not being able to play with them.