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Hi and welcome to this forum. Quite a many questions, I’ll try to answer.

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Where can i find ilda files to download? so funny to get more pictures/shows and stuffs instead of the ones that comes with the program. Can i somehow get all the stuffs from Moncha to my Fiesta? they have a few cartoons and stuffs i would like:)

For now it is not possible to get files from Moncha. Anyway you can try e.g. photonlexicon forum, where are quite many ild files available.

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witch files kan i use in fiesta? is it only the one that ends with .ild ??
i have seen many other files to that dosnt seem to work, like for example .lpc

Yes, Fiesta can import only ild files, which is standard for lasers. There is no other file so used.

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one problem i have had with fiesta is that it sometimes breaks down fore me when i tries to load in some files i found, when i will open some i can choose how many “frames” i want to open?? and if i take to many the program crash. it is pretty slow to load workspace to, can it all be the computer maybe? Maybe many stuffs will be better if i upgrade my ram?

It is not a good idea to put whole ild shows to memory using Animation. It is better to use ILDA show image generator – this one reads ild file from disk while playing.

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i cant draw i realtime in this program? so when i draw on the computer window the laser does the same in realtime?

For drawing you have to use Quazar 2.0 software. It is included in installation. And you can also see what you are drawing real time (use Output->New USB Output).

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what is the “device command list” in midi window for? i cant change anything in that windon, i have a behringer midi controller, and i can change to the right the functions, brightness, speed etc but i cant change the stuffs in the middle. One other thing i cand save the changes i have done so it is always the same when i restard my program, i must turn on the knobs on my midi controller and set all the knobs again??

I would recommend you to find out more about Midi director in Fiesta manual. Anyway, the device command list allows you to set Fiesta functions to Midi keyboard. First you have to Add your Midi device (press Add in the same window). Then you can program the keys and Midi sliders.

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also i wonder what the window “midi feeback” is for

This one is good fro e.g. BCF2000 with motoric sliders. Allows you to move the sliders on the Midi console from Fiesta (e.g. I change brightness in Fiesta, the brightness slider also changes on the console).

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there seems also be many windows for “lasermatrix” what it this for?
does it have something to do with controlling many lasers at the same time? i have controlled 5 lasers on my fiesta but they all do the same thing because i cant adress the units like when i controll with dmx, can i somehow controll lasers one and one so they all dosent do the same thing the whole time?

LaserMatrix is a special controller for many laser systems. It has a strong support in Fiesta. You can find out more at our products web.

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edit: will add that i have a “ilda split” from laserworld with one ilda in and 6 out, but all the lasers does the same thing bacause i only have one in and no adressing.

Well even it seems to be interesting product, we have never worked with this device, so I’m not sure if we can help you with this one.