Re: Synchronize Fiesta2 with Fiesta.Net on one Computer


Yes, that’s a great question. And the answer is YES, it is possible. You have to use a little “trick” with installing one special virtual MIDI device called LoopBE. You can find it here:

It is very easy to install. After you install this software, virtual MIDI device will be created in your system – it is called “Loop BE Internal MIDI [Emulated]”.

Now you just have to use output synchronizer from one Fiesta and set it to MIDI-MTC and select its output device as this LoopBE. In the second Fiesta you select input MIDI synchronizer to MIDI-MTC and also select to Loop BE. Don’t forget to start play show in the Fiesta with MIDI-MTC input synchronizer before playing the show in Fiesta with MIDI-MTC output synchronizer!