Re: Shows for Moncha


Well it’s very difficult to say, this show is great or this show is not so good. Everyone feels music a bit different, everyone likes something else. So everything I can provide you with is my opinion – what I like and what I don’t.

What I like very much is the cross-circle game (we call it crosses in our language, sorry, I don’t know exact English word) you have there somewhere, great idea. What I also like, in many sequences you catch the beats very well (exactly) – this is always nice. Also in many sequences you play effect which is very good for that sequence. What I also like, how you’ve put the dancing frames. But unfortunately it is not so easy to use graphics and beam show at the same time (with one laser of course) – so the question is, if this show could be used on some event … depends.

What I would change is especially no-beat sequences(e.g. 2:20 and more). There is too much of laser there. In my experience, people are quite afraid of using dark. But I personally love dark – it creates drama and when the laser finally turns on, while the beats start, you get freeze in your back. Also what I would change a bit, I would not switch between the effects so fast. And if I switch, I would use some fade in and fade out (e.g. zoom, fade, scroll left-right, …).

But please again, this is only my personal opinion and it might not (is not) be objective. Everyone likes something else and you did certainly a good job for the first time. Maybe you could also ask at , there are many users and they could provide you with more feedback.