Re: Shows for Moncha


Thanks for the tips, i’ll try to work on the effect switching but my possibilities are limited as currently i own only Laserworld PRO400-RGY and the fading effects were simply switching from yellow color to red at some point and then blank out. I’m not sure if i’ll be able o do it with this laser but i’ll go through the settings and try to figure out something. That’s one of the reasons the next show will be mostly simple patterns configured to go with the 3 colors of the laser. I’m not sure about the dark passages because the track i’ve selected is really a pumping rave (i have the tone patterns so i’ll try to optimize it to the tones as well). But i’ll try the dark passage with some more peaceful song in the future =)

Oh and thanks for the link, i don’t know the forum yet so i’ll probably register there.