Re: Using effects in shows


Right now you unfortunately you have to use the XML editor. I know, it’s not convenient, but it’s a solution. I personally use this one –

It is possible to use 10 banks in Moncha Workspace, so there’s no way, how you could connect two workspaces in a good way (also there is only one show in one workspace). But maybe some possibility to save and then import effects would solve your problem, we’ll see in some future versions of Moncha.

We don’t plan to allow ILDA export of effects or shows from Moncha. We’re sure, it would be used only to extract our content from Moncha to other softwares, which is not what we want. No to mention, it is not a good way to use effects as ILDA imported frames – takes too much of memory (I would compare it to bitmap and vector graphics – vector needs a lot less memory).