Re: Some suggestions


Is there any shortcut like F1-F10 for banks or letters to switch effects but for resetting the speed of animation? My point is sometimes in the music there are these epic parts before beat where there is some breakdown, then some melody appears and after that the beats start to graduate up to some point where it stops for a while and then normal beat continues. Usually this graduation is followed by faster and faster beat or hihats and volume increase – that’s the point where i’m sliding the animation speed up until the point where the regular beat starts but then i have to quickly switch animation and slide the speed down to certain level that fits to the beat. With some shortcut that will reset this it will be a lot easier and quicker. I would just press the desired effect and something like Ctrl+R or anything to reset the speed. I know Moncha isn’t targeted for live shows but until i get money for Fiesta i have to do some shows with Moncha to earn them. :mrgreen: