Re:Some suggestions


thanks for the tip, that makes the placement a lot easier now, i noticed that ctrl key makes it even faster

one more question popped in my head yesterday at an event, does Moncha have some global beam attenuation map settings? i mean something in the global output settings where you set the height and width of the projection and the positioning, there could be some palette slider as is within the edit scene color changer but this one would not set colors but the beam intensity (in % or 0-255 range as with colors) so you can add for example up to 4 points to border the intensity, that way it would be possible to steer the beam intensity in the lower parts where it shoots into the audience but even in the higher parts if there was a balcony in the room for example

i’m not sure if i described it somehow easy to understand and also maybe this is only a Fiesta feature but as one of the mechanisms for safe lasershows it would be nice to have it even in Moncha