Beat Trigger from a line in source

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    I know this is probably a little complex, but it would be really handy to be able to set Fiesta to demo mode and have the triggering mechanism set to the beat of a line in source.

    So a single beat, would be the same as a key press.


    Could you please describe it more closely?



    Thanks for expressing more interest in this idea.

    At the moment if you want to leave Fiesta running unattended (not physically pressing keys to trigger effects) you would click demo mode and tick the appropriate pages, the laser then plays the selected effects to play over time.

    How long each effect is played is set by setting the duration of the time.

    What would be useful, in a club environment, is the ability to step through the effects tagged in demo mode, to the beat of the music.

    This would require analysing the music, detecting what is the base beat to determine the BMP (Beats Per Minute) then allow the effects listed in the demo mode to be triggered at this speed.

    I hope this clarifies the idea. If you are unclear you can download the Light Jockey program from martin it has a beat analysis module that i use to run Intel lights through steps in a scene.


    Yes, it is a good idea, but the analysis is a bit problem(a big problem). We are currently working on some new devices, so we will see in the future. For sure, Fiesta with “listen to the music” option would be great…



    As an alterntive to having a software mechanism to trigger to the beat of the music, would it be possible to toggle the “Tranfer time” from a number ranging between 200 – 10000 to a BPM (Beats Per Minute) scale.

    This would give a numerical cue follow for timiing

    60 BPM – 60 ticks per minute this is so slow how boring, are we there yet.
    110 BPM – Cruisy funk … how cool
    120 BPM – That house has a rockin base beat !
    140 BPM – Wow this is arobic im burning the carbs
    160 BPM – Techno Rotter dam nose bleed
    200 BPM – Quick get a fire extinguisher my shoes are about to catch on fire ! 😆

    If we were to say setup an effect where a line verticle sweeps from the Left to the Right, and were able to use the Tranfer time on a BPM scale it would be easy to then re use that effect at exactly the desired speed by setting the “Transfer Time ” slider to the approprite BMP for pretty much any music we know the BPM of.

    PS – I hope no one reading this lives in Rotter Dam.


    Well the problem is, you can adjust speed of every property(rotation, movement, …) inside the effect. So if I change this, it won’t help me if I have transfer time in BPM.
    Another problem is the way you feel, this is a correct speed at current music’s BPM. In my opinion, sometimes even slow sine is good for fast BPM sequence…



    Yes i see your point, the BPM scale goes out the window once you start fiddling with the speed with in effects.

    I am looking for a way to enable one to tie a bunch of effects to an easily identifiable speed. Which the transfer time does, but a number between 200

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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