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    There is a possibility to include a little DMX support for Moncha. Moncha would be able to record some DMX sequence(from some real DMX lightning console) and then play together with laser effects(each key with laser effect could contain also DMX sequence to play). Do you think, it would be interesting?



    Maybe its interesting…. For some people.
    I’m using a MIDI controller for my laser.
    Is it possible to use the MIDI functions Pitch bend and the controls for Moncha (and Fiesta) in the future too?


    It’s possible to use MIDI controllers with Fiesta. But Moncha is a low-end software for non-professional use, so we don’t plan to allow controlling Moncha with MIDI.
    The Pitch – you would use it to make animation faster/slower? Or for some other function?



    Yes, only to vary the speed of the animation.
    I’m not using a MIDI keyboard, only a home made MIDI-Contoller.
    In this way I can ‘synchronize’ the speed of the animation to the played music 😛


    It is possible to control speed of animation in Fiesta using some MIDI controller – I thought it’s enough. If more users will request Pitch control, I’ll implement it to Fiesta.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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