Documentation for Tuning new scanners

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    I have resently killed the scanners in my RGB projector and am about to repace them with 50k Laser world set. Is there any documentation available on how to best achieve that with the fiesta software.

    I ask as the last time I displayed a ilda pattern DL from mamba site i actually cooked a pair of scanners and came to the conclusion that the scanners were grossly over rated and not 30 K at all.

    As this set cost around 550 i want to make sure they are set up correctly.


    We use special pictures in Quazar to adjust the scanners. We don’t use ILDA pattern – it’s faster to adjust it using some other special images.

    The problem(but most of the time the good feature) in Fiesta is the automatic scanrate and blanking optimizer – the image is always changed to be displayed correctly. But I think we have somewhere test software, which can display your ild file as it is on Fiesta device. Please contact us at our company email, we will provide you with this software.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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