Extra function in Autopilot menu

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    In the Autopilot menu we can change the duration of the effect.
    I think the word Effect should be Animation, because the duration of the effect stays the same. 😕

    Apart of this, I would ask something else:
    If a single effect has a duration of 1 second and the Effect Duration is set to 5 seconds, Moncha will repeat this effect 5 times.

    But is it possible to make a checkbox that will disable this function, so that the effect will be displayed only one time and than go further to the next random effect?

    Vince 😯


    Yes, it is a mistake – we call effects in banks “scenes”. So it should be scene duration.

    Interesting idea about that “non-repeating” autopilot. To tell you the truth, right now I’m not sure, how it would be possible to implement this(autopilot works one direction only – sends commands to Moncha). But maybe in some next release.



    Maybe you can use a variable parameter or something ?

    If the checkbox is not cheked, the Effect Duration (animation) value is that equal to length of the single effect.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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