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    Hi Michal,

    Now Moncha is special made as a Live Player, would it be possible to create a new feature in the software that can ‘recognize’ and ‘evaluate’ an audio file in a way that the laser output is dependent of the beat rate or loudness?

    Example for lounness control:
    You assign ‘slow’ animation speed scenes to the keyboard buttons Q to P and assign ‘fast’ animation speed scenes to the buttons A to L. (Qwerty keyboard)
    Moncha will then ‘hear’ a high level of loudness of the played music and selects at random one of the scenes of the buttons A to L.
    If the level goes down, Moncha selects at random a scene under Q to P.
    Just like the function of the old disco lights which reacts on music. 8)

    Examples for beat rate control:
    You assign scenes to your keyboard buttons. Moncha will calculate the beat rate of the played music. The software will select another scene every 5 beats. So, exactly timed on the BPM.

    I made this a few years ago with cheep electronics. I build a BPM indicator (counter) and used the signal as a trigger impuls for a chip with 12 outputs. At the time of the beat, only one of the 12 outputs was high at random. The outputs where connected to the button wires of an old keyboard. The beat controller was born. It would be nice if this can be done with software. 😆

    I know Moncha was made as ‘cheep’ software for live, but theise features can do a lot of fun on the dancefloors. 😉


    Yes, maybe you won’t believe me, I had a same idea about organize effects to “speed groups” and somehow hear music and choose effects suitable to current music sequence. But I have a problem, how to hear the music – I don’t know how to solve this right now 🙁 …



    I sent you an e-mail with the program that can convert WAV (or line input signals) to MIDI notes which can be used as loudness level.
    It’s called Music MasterWorks. Please reed the Readme file.
    Maybe you can do (or learn) something with it.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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