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    I use Moncha and the DAC for some weeks now and it works fine!
    I’m also gonna use a touchscreen for Moncha. Just hit the screen and go 😛

    But a small disadvantage about the scenes is that you can not see the whole scene BEFORE it is outputted to the laser.
    So, now we have a screen full of still frames that represents the scenes.
    One click with the mouse will activate the scene directly to the laser. There is no way to Preview the selected scene first.

    Is it possible to change the software to do this?
    For example:
    ONE click with the mouse on a still scene will display the whole moving scene at his position on the screen; no laser output.
    DOUBLE click with the mouse on that still scene will display the whole moving scene in the Preview window and output to the laser.

    Maybe the function of the left-double click in Moncha in the current version can be moved to a right -double click with the mouse.


    Hm, the idea about preview is good. But I’m not sure about the left click. How about to show some preview in some window, when mouse is over some key with scene?



    Well, thats even a better idea!
    But the scene can be played at the position were the mouse is at that time. So, a seperate window is not needed. 😕


    Exactly 😉 …



    A move-over preview would be useles with touchscreen. Because you cant really move-over that way.
    Doubleclick would be better.


    Double click is used to display general effect properties, but it would be possible to change this. But you can move mouse on touchscreen I think, no?



    What about :

    Start the preview when the mouse is pressed.
    Start the output when the mouse is released.(as it is now)

    (a little inconsistency right now: the output is started on the mouse-release but not on the keyboard key-release)


    This can be done like that. But still, will it help you with the touch screen?



    Maybe its better to keep like it is now, boys!
    We can search for the right scene with the mouse (preview)
    and use the touch screen to activate it for output… 😉

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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