Laser Show with 18 Lasers Part 6 – Setup Freedom

In previous articles told you, we had to create generally 2 separate laser shows running at once at the stadium. The reason is, the audience was on both sides of the stadium.

Many of our laser shows could have been better in the past, but they simply were not, because we didn’t have time to improve them on the spot. Usually the time schedule and the client’s budget is limited. Luckily the time was not a problem here, we’ve spend 1 night just improving the laser show and second night to improving the laser show with tron dance performance.

To improve the show for everyone in the audience, it helps a lot if you can see the show from different angles. And it’s even better, if you can do the changes in the show immediately if you don’t like some parts. Of course, to do that, it helps a lot if your computer is not (life-like) heavy notebook or even desktop, because of your laser show software needs i7 processor to run 5 lasers …


Pic: While your clients might be astonished by big computers, we think it’s stupid and impractical.

Also, it doesn’t help, if you disconnect Ethernet cable and your software crashes. That would really piss me off. Simply said, I like to use controllers, which allow me disconnecting my small notebook from Ethernet, move to different location and connect the Ethernet elsewhere. Since we’ve used Ethernet controllers, we have Ethernet switches everywhere, so I could connect my notebook wherever I wanted.

Software Crash Report

Oh yeah, those days…

Or there’s even better option. For the setup phase, the fluency of the animation is not necessary. Thanks to that, we can use standard wireless routers. My notebook is connected via Wi-Fi to the router and I can walk freely around the stadium and setup all my stuff wherever I want. Of course, I would not use it to play the show, the cable is safer. But again, for the setup phase, it’s great. But again, you need to use controllers and software, which don’t crash, when Ethernet cable is disconnected 🙂 ..

 Wireless Router

Wireless router can save you a lot of walking. Unless you want to lose some weight.

And yes, a little marketing here – you can connect/disconnect Ethernets while the show is even running using Moncha/Fiesta – they don’t really care. Because it’s the right way.

In the next part I give you a little list, what we focus on, when doing final adjustments.