Moncha 5 – A Lot of News

Moncha has become quite popular since we’ve released first edition in 2008. In the latest version 5 we reflect to most important user requirements

The laser market has changed recently. Laser systems are not so expensive anymore and customers require to control more of the systems using one software. That’s the main idea for Moncha 5 – control more lasers easily. And more means up to 25 independent lasers in new Moncha 5. I’ll focus on main new features of Moncha 5 in this article.

1. Multi-laser scenes

Yes, you can finally create laser show scenes for multiple lasers in Moncha. You’re finally able to draw one scene in first laser and completely different scene in second laser. There is a new scene type called multi-laser scene.

You can select multiple lasers at once using Shift and mouse click and you can easily assign existing scene to selected lasers. You can even define each laser’s drawing size and position in current scene. And my favorite – you can set the start offset for each laser separately. This allows you to create time shifted laser show scenes, which look a lot more interesting than the copy/paste laser shows.

Finally, the selection groups allow you to create selection of lasers (e.g. bottom truss lasers, top lasers, …), so you can assign scenes to group of lasers in a second. Generally, the multi-laser scene is really simple, but really powerful tool.

2. Scene animation presets

This one is probably the most wanted feature for Moncha and Fiesta of all times. And now it’s finally here. It’s generally animation library. But the nice thing about it, you can combine multiple types of animations into one scene. This is really a quick way to create new laser show scenes – and really simple.

3. Screen mapping

This feature is available for Fiesta software for a long time. But we’ve upgraded also Moncha device settings to version 5 too. The reason is, you can use Moncha.lite with so-called RTC mode upgrade (Real Time Clock). That’s probably only option now how to do advertisement with lasers without the need of the computer. And the screen mapping allows you to cover almost any surface with your laser logo, text or animation.


4. More complicated keyframe animations

Again a long time desired feature. Now you can use multiple keyframes in show event animations which allows you to create complicated keyframe animations.

5. LaserMatrix animations combined with standard scenes

Moncha 5 now comes with a great feature how to improve laser shows for more lasers. You can now assign several LaserMatrix animations to scenes. And you can even combine multi-laser scenes with LaserMatrix animations and then use them in show as well.

6. Music synchronized laser show for more lasers

Since you can create multi-laser scenes in latest Moncha, it’s just logical you can also create multi-laser music synchronized show.

We’ve used classical track-to-laser assignment in Fiesta in the past. But we’ve learnt quite a lot of new tricks when creating tron-dance (LED dance) shows.

And one of the experience, it’s a lot faster to create shows for multiple device using multi-device scenes. It means, you prepare multi laser scene and this scene is dropped into the timeline. Seems like a small change, but it saves so much time when creating laser shows! So go ahead, try it out…

tanenttron cut

7. Wave preview and time preview when show is playing

Well I know this one is available probably for all the available software products. But it’s finally in Moncha too, so enjoy!


Those are few of the new features we’ve implemented in latest Moncha 5. They are all based on user requirements, so we hope, you’ll like them as we do already. Enjoy!