2 – full package laser show DAC 2 is our latest full package laser show controller. It’s a replacement for older 1. 2 front view

What’s new?

A lot. It’s a completely new hardware developed on latest microcontroller technology. Thanks to higher performance, you’ll gain following benefits when upgrading:

  • Maximal scan-rate up to 100.000 pps
  • Perfectly fluent laser show output – stable 50 or more FPS (Frames per Second)
  • Higher performance over Wi-Fi networks (real time lossless data compression)
  • Art-Net control
  • Web configuration
  • PowerCON in and out

Where is the display?

The one thing you might miss comparing to previous version is the control display. But you don’t really need it anymore. The web configuration allows you to setup the device using your iPhone or Android device. But you can of course use it in Windows or Mac computer – it’s up to you. All you need to setup the devices is just web browser (no matter if it’s Chrome, Edge, Safari or even old Internet Explorer). In the following video you can see, how the web configuration is used:

In the end of the video you can also see a special feature added to the latest firmware called Device List. This is really practical tool to quickly configure multiple laser show Moncha devices. This allows you quickly jump to setup any device connected to your local network.

Practical buttons

Even though the web configuration is practical, sometimes you might need to quickly change the animation to play when using 2 in stand alone mode. Using the up and down buttons you can switch between the animations stored on SD card. 2 rear view

Otherwise 2 contains everything you would expect from laser show controller. It’s powered using PowerCON, provides standard DB25 ILDA output and it’s boxed plug&play version ready to be used immediately to create laser shows. It’s not a puzzle 🙂 ..

1U neat rack solution

One thing, which might be interesting especially for the large installations is the possibility to join 3 of the 2 devices into single 1U unit. This allows you to install device into rack easily. It resembles to our older Fiesta.NET PRO device we don’t longer produce. 2 in rack
You’ll get the rack holders with 2