All in one laser show controller 2 front view 2 is our most powerful laser show controller. It allows you to control any
ILDA laser projector with standard ILDA input.
It’s 4 in 1 laser show controller (also called DAC=Digital Analog Converter), because you can use it with software,
using Art-Net, DMX 512 or even in stand alone mode. 2 rear view 2 rear view - ILDA port and PowerCON in and out

Software included 2 can be used with Moncha software for free. 
Or if you require more professional software, you can also purchase Fiesta 5 license for this device.

The integration into software is seamless. You can e.g. directly upload finished laser show
scenes or graphics remotely to device’s SD-card.

Art-Net 2 allows you to store laser animations to supplied micro-SD card. You can use Art-Net protocol to trigger these animations and also control all the basic parameters like Size, Brightness, Position and many more (more than 20 parameters in fact). Art-Net is great if you want to create your laser show e.g. using grandMA or any other Art-Net controller.

DMX 512

You can control 2 also using standard DMX 512 protocol. There are XLR connectors integrated into the device. It’s like more advanced DMX laser, since 2 provides more than 20 control DMX channels.

It’s practical for clubs, but also large scale installations, where you already use some kind of DMX controller. Again, you can control Size, Position and 20 other basic parameters using DMX channels.

Web Configuration

Very practical web configuration allows you to set all the basic and even advanced parameters using your iPhone or Android device. You can set IP address, drawing size, brightness, color balance and many more settings. 

You can also use your smartphone to trigger different laser show effects stored on the SD card in the device. This allows you to perform the laser shows or laser advertisement without the need of a computer.

iPhone with laser controller web configuration
micro SD-card

Micro SD-card

You can store laser show content on supplied micro SD card and perform laser shows without the computer. Use GrandMA, Chamsys or any other favourite DMX/Art-Net controller to perform laser shows. 2 can use up to 64 GB SD cards, which allows you to store few hours of laser shows in single device. You can store up to 255 different laser shows on single SD card.

There is a SD card support integrated in Moncha software, which allows you direct upload of your laser show to your device. No need to remove an insert the 

High Performance

  • Maximum scan-rate up to 100000 pps (Points Per Second).
  • Running at 50+ FPS (Frames Per Second), which ensures smooth laser show output.
  • Real-time frame compression improves performance over wireless Wi-Fi networks
  • We’ve tested 2 to create laser show for 50 lasers controlled directly form your computer  – and it works just fine.