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Laser show software for Windows

You don’t have time to spend learning complicated features? And you just need to do laser shows immediately? There’s no better option than Moncha.

Moncha software is supplied for free to every laser show controller we produce – 2, Moncha.go 2, Moncha.lite 2 or The Upgrade.

Control Up To 32 Lasers

Using one software

Moncha software main window

You can control up to 32 independent lasers in new Moncha 5. You are able to draw one scene in first laser and completely different scene in second laser. There is a multi-laser scene tool available for this purpose.

Scene animation presets

It’s generally animation library. You can combine multiple types of animations into one scene. This is really a quick way to create new laser show scenes.

Moncha animation presets
Moncha screen mapping

Screen mapping

This feature is available for Fiesta software for a long time. But we’ve upgraded Moncha device settings to version 5, also. Screen mapping allows you to cover almost any surface with your laser logo, text or animation.

Use many of pre-prepared effects

Do you want to be able to use many of pre-prepared effects? Did you have no time for creating your effects? Or just need to complete your own quick show in few seconds? In that case you will appreciate 400 different abstract, point, text and animation effects, which we prepared for you for free. Please, just download it and upload on your SD-card.

Each of the shows, pre-made for free use, was customize to a specific song – it isn’t simply random switching of various effects. The full list of 182 shows, tracks and authors can be found in the download sections under Downloads – Moncha shows.

APC40 midi device to control lasers

Midi and ArtNet control

You can control all the functions of Moncha software using Midi or ArtNet protocol. This allows you to use Moncha even for a big TV shows like Got Talent or X-Factor.

Amazing 3D laser visualization

You don't need to buy any special visualization software

New accelerated laser preview will show you, how your final laser show will look like even without the lasers! Of course, it’s directly integrated into Moncha software, so you don’t have to purchase and setup expensive complicated visualization software.

Just open your background image, set the position of lasers and you’re ready to present your laser show to client.

Laser show synchronized to the music

Do you want to prepare laser show for concrete song but you don’t know how to do it? Everybody can handle it with Moncha software in few minutes. Just create your own effects or use pre-prepared ones. Put them into timeline and press play button! Wave preview and time preview is available on Moncha 5 and higher.

Simple interface with plenty of possibilities

Any user can quickly understand how to play pre-prepared show or effects. And doing some simple changes is both quickly and bold. Two mouse clicks and simple changes are done!

With Moncha software you can easily improve your old effects or create completely new ones. You can make variety of abstract effects, geometric shapes or even texts. If you wish for animations and more complex pictures our Quazar software, it might just be the right thing for you.

If you want to learn how to create and edit effects as well as how to efficiently work within Moncha software, please, visit our tutorial section for Moncha software.

Drawing software

Do you want to create your own logos or graphics? Never ever had been there simpler drawing tool as Quazar. Just set background image and use it as pattern for your logo or drawing. Use standard drawing tools.

Matrix transformations

Do you use Moncha software to control multiple lasers at once? Then you can try these pre-made transformations (you can pick from 44 different ones), which can help you change the effect on every laser in a matter of seconds. It’s like group effect for all your lasers.

You can see the selection of available transformations bellow:

  • Rot
  • Brightness
  • Size
  • Brightness switch
  • Position
  • Position vertical
  • Size bass
  • Position square
  • Rotation switch
  • Shake X
  • and many more