Moncha 5.2 – biggest Moncha ever!

New version of Moncha 5.2 bring a lot of requested features – graphic card accelerated 3D laser preview, Midi and ArtNet controls or new features for multi-scanner laser shows.

Here you can watch a little video with my top 5 new features of Moncha 5.2:

1. 3D Laser Visualization

Finally, you’re able to see your laser show preview almost like you can see it on your shows! The new laser preview simulation in Moncha is just beautiful. It’s extremely fast (no problem to emulate 30 and more lasers), because it’s accelerated by your graphic card and it can even simulate scan rate change.  

You can also use background image for better idea, how the final laser show will look like. Using new laser preview position editor, you can define position of the laser devices on the stage. And you can also set whether the device is displayed with laser beams (practical for laser devices, which are not used for beam show, but graphic).

Just one little note, you’ll need DirectX 11 to run the new 3D preview (available for Windows 8.1 and higher).

2. Multi laser scenes

New Moncha comes with a different way of creating laser shows for multiple laser systems. Every scene from bank can now define different picture for every laser you use in the workspace. And in the show new Moncha doesn’t use classic track-to-laser assignment as you were used from Fiesta or other laser show software products. You can use these multi-laser scenes from banks in shows now as well. It’s very practical and easy to use.

Multi laser scene

Different scene can be used for each laser output

3. Laser splitter

You can now finally draw one laser image using multiple laser devices. It’s easy to use – just click “Split Scene to Lasers” and your image is split into more lasers. It’s great even for laser shows to create original amazing effects using multiple lasers.


One circle can be split among multiple lasers – amazing beam effects and animations can be achieved using this feature

4. Animation presets

This is great feature in case you want to create new laser show scenes. It’s basically a library of different kind of transformations (color patterns, rotations, position movements, …) and you can combine different kind of these transformations to create amazing animations.

Laser animation library

New animation library is full of amazing color patterns

5. Midi and ArtNet control

You can now finally control Moncha software using your favorite APC-40! Of course, you can use any other kind of Midi or ArtNet controller.

APC40 Midi controller

 Yes, you can finally use APC40 or any other Midi device to control your lasers over Moncha

You can download and try new Moncha 5.2 now for free in our download section. In following weeks we’ll release more tutorial videos about the new features of Moncha 5.2. I hope you’re looking forward to test them!

The rest of the new features and improvements

There are more than 100 improvements in the latest version of Moncha 5.2. Here are few of the new features and improvements:

  • Large objects enabled. Moncha can now use up to 3.6GB of RAM.
  • Relative path to background image is saved.
  • Low scan rate visualization.
  • Possibility to adjust the beam emitter position.
  • 3D DirectX laser visualization.
  • You can now see, which devices are disconnected or unassigned (in both, status bar and device preview).
  • Fixed hardware device selection combo box.
  • Event in show naming changed to Bank-Scene (scene name) – easier navigation in show.
  • Maximal number of lasers increased to 32.
  • Same color dialog used in LaserMatrix color animation too.
  • Matrix movement name is now visible in ArtNet, Midi or Channels mapping.
  • Brightness chase added to laser matrix movements.
  • Fixed window size of single laser effect editor.
  • Fixed problems when using different Windows DPI: main panel, multi laser scene, laser preview positions, laser settings, brightness maps, blanking settings, scene laser matrix editor, DMX scene editor, progress window.
  • Fixed position cross background circle size if not square control size is used.
  • Position is now separate of preview window.
  • Position control upgraded, now you can copy/paste or edit position as text.
  • Keyboard copy/paste using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V now works when over position.
  • Copy/Paste scenes now work between several Moncha programs, you can use it to copy paste scenes among different workspaces.
  • Fixed selections in multi-laser scene.
  • Improved color selection and same color dialog is used everywhere.
  • Add/remove Midi device while software is running is possible now. Automatic reactivation of Midi device works as well.
  • Possibility to change name directly in Multi effect.
  • Language for Multi Laser Effect.
  • In case name of scene changes, show window is also redrawn.
  • Fixed show in multi scene preview problem.
  • Inverted bank/scene text in shows, now it’s Bank – Scene.
  • Beams for scenes (former highlight points transformation).
  • Tracks redraw only when required by playing show – improved performance.
  • DMX icon disappears in case DMX of scene is empty.
  • Event selection is now visible even if the event is 1 pixel in wide.
  • Fixed LaserMatrix delete when pasting scene without LaserMatrix.
  • Now there is only one copy/paste for scenes in banks and in shows. Used is the last one clicked.
  • Fixed MTC synchronization.
  • ArtNet control.
  • In case hardware device is not used, it’s not disconnecting from network anymore.
  • Display test patterns in Device settings.
  • Default blank changed to 6 4 4 6.
  • Added space (turn off played scene) to available Midi commands.
  • Copy laser matrix color offset fixed.
  • Possibility to define laser positions in preview.
  • Fixed palette offset in event keyframe animation.
  • DoubleClick to choose animation preset.
  • DoubleClick to edit sub-scene in multi laser scene.
  • Possibility to split image into all laser devices.
  • Added MIDI control.
  • Fixed preview line over 30 minutes in show.
  • Fixed output settings window wrong size at certain computers.
  • Fixed ild importing of already opened files.