New Fiesta for Mac 1.0.97

New version of Fiesta brings many fixes and a couple enhancements.



New text rendering engine

We mainly focused to fix text rendering, because text effect in Fiesta contains many different fonts and some texts didn’t render properly. We tested many combinations of texts and fonts and we identified a lot of issues when rendering them. In the latest version, we’ve fixed all known text issues and we’ve also improved drawing performance when rendering larg text on laser output. The new rendering engine also reduces number of high power points on the corners of the frame.

These improvements are possible thanks to new blanking algorithm, that brings max. limit to generate blanking points. This change will reduce high-intensity points and number of blanking points for frames with many points. Final result is better rendering longer text and drawing large scene, that contains more complexity objects.


Bug fixes

We’ve fixed many bugs in Highlight points, Open / Close transformations or Group effect. E.g. user couldn’t use two “Open / Close” effects, because second caused undesired behaviour. Also group effect sometime generated first frame at the end of the animation, which is now finally fixed.

Also, we focused into new “Control settings”, that was introduced in previous Fiesta. New version brings some fixes and gives quicker response, especially in editing table of MIDI notes.

List of new bug-fixes and features

Text effects

  • fix of missing words like “you” for font “Snell Roundhand”
  • New proper rendering engine for all the fonts
  • Fixed huge memory consumption when editing text

Group effects

  • Fixed jump to last frame at the beginning of the animation
  • Fixed couple bugs when using “Undo / redo”
  • Fixed random crashes on editing group properties and group graphs
  • New support for Japanese language in “Group properties”

Highlight points

  • Improved “Margin points”
  • Fixed displaying random unwanted frame

Open / Close

  • Fixed behaviour when using multiple Open / Close transformations

Time graph

  • Fixed selection Repeat in combo box
  • Fixed copying time graphs in Scene effect

Blanking algorithm

  • Improved blanking algorithm to optimize drawing of high number of points frames and reduce high-intensity corner points


Also, Fiesta brings two important improvements:

  1. Scenes  now start from beginning. In old version, scenes started playing at random time (depending on global time). Original playing mode is still available in General settings.
  2. Highlight points  default direction is now inverted, because original direction was opposite to direction of object path (it’s more intuitive like this).

New features

Fiesta brings two new useful features:

  1. First feature allows show real number of points of the output frame in laser preview window.
  2. In case you try to display more than maximum number of points on laser output, you can see a warning in laser preview window.

These are small features, but important especially in case you prepare your laser show in advance without using actual laser output device. So go ahead, download the latest version and try it for free.