We’ve won the second place at the prestigious ILDA Awards

It looks like there’s not a lot you can come up with to surprise the laser systems scene nowadays. But we have our ways at Showtacle. Let see what are we talking about…

We believe there’s always something new and groundbreaking. This is the case of ArtNet Guru app. It enables you to control the laser system via your smartphone or tablet. You might be asking: ‘What? Has no one ever thought about that one before? Why not?’ Well, it’s funny, but NO, there is no real working solution. We are the first ones to make this idea a reality. 

 What’s behind the success of the Artnet Guru App?

Artnet Guru is a unique smartphone app full of great laser control functions:

  • Play the effects
  • Play the show, synced with music directly from your mobile phone
  • All the essential laser setting functions like position, size, rotation, brightness, speed, color, animation transition, direction, etc.

All the settings and customization of effects can be easily saved. And naturally, all your saved preferences can be shared with your other mobile devices within the ArtNet Guru app.


The app is currently available for iOS and Android and it is free to download from Google Play and the AppStore. Our app is compatible with all the Moncha hardware controllers from Showtacle company.

If you are still using some other brand products it might be a good time to upgrade 🙂

A “First Time Attendee” ILDA Awards experience

 This was my personal premiere at the ILDA Awards. I had a chance to meet a lot of interesting people and get to know many new information about laser technology – for all of which I am extremely thankful. I also had an opportunity to present some of our latest innovations of the laser show technology.

We’ve also received ILDA award together with my colleague Marek. We’ve received this award thanks to Marek’s hard work, and I think the award is a great recognition for all his efforts.


I really enjoyed the ILDA awards, even though I didn’t have time to attend all the workshops. I hope I’ll have a chance to meet all the participants again at some of the future ILDA Awards.

We want to say big thanks to ILDA judges for recognizing our work! We really appreciate it.