10 Reasons for buying Moncha Go laser controller

Are you thinking about whether you should try using Moncha Go as your new laser controller, but you still haven’t made a decision? Here are 10 reasons why you should go for it:

1. Moncha is the easiest way to create laser shows

Easy installation and usage of the Moncha hardware and software allows you to create your own laser shows in 5 minutes after receiving MonchaGO.

2. Moncha is so practical

We know installations with many lasers can get messy. Practical stacking option of MonchaGO can help you create your own “laser show server”, which saves a lot of space on your desk.

3. The hardware is just great

MonchaGO is really small laser show controller but with all important connectors and protocols – ILDA output, SD card for standalone laser show installations, Ethernet connection (with wireless capability), ArtNET and mobile phone control (iOS and Android).

moncha front back 2

4. Your ILDA laser is ready for it

Standard ILDA output allows you to control every standard laser show projector.

5. Moncha can handle though stuff

Moncha controller has been used to create laser shows for Dj Tiesto, Justin Timberlake or Armin Van Buuren. It was also used to create laser shows with 50 and more laser systems. It does allow you to create complicated laser show installations for many many lasers!

6. You’ll have your answers

Lot of tutorial videos are ready for you immediately. And if you’ll have any questions – just contact us over email or our client forum .

7. You can try it immediately

Just download the demo version of the software now and you can start creating laser shows for free immediately.

8. Because it’s lot of fun

We love Lego. And we’re sure, all crazy laserists do too. And creating laser show should be fun!

9. The software is just great

Moncha laser show software allows you to easily create your own music synchronized laser shows. You can also type texts, draw graphics or create laser shows for multiple lasers.

fiesta sw 1
tablet mobile

10. The mobile really matters

Thanks to ArtNET protocol you’ll be able to control your MonchaGO device using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Simply sit at the bar and do your laser show!

As you can see we give you 10 very strong reasons why you should think about using the newest Moncha Go laser controller. Right now we are finishing the special blog-post where you can find more about how we developed Moncha Go and what questions are we asked ourselves during the whole process of development.