Moncha 5.2 – 3D laser preview

Why do we need 3D laser preview in the laser show software? You can find out in our latest video blog.

There are numerous of reasons:

  • You can better imagine, how your final laser show will look like in the reality. And you don’t need to setup all your lasers to see that.
  • You can present the final show to your client. And in our experience, it’s a lot easier to sell it like that.
  • There is a little paradox – you don’t even need such powerful computer for the software with the 3D laser preview. The reason is simple –  it’s accelerated by your graphic card.
  • You don’t need to buy and setup complicated visualization software.
  • Well the laser show software looks a lot sexier 🙂 …

Here is a video about 3D laser preview in Moncha:

Laser preview in Moncha

The new 3D laser preview module in Moncha software does all that – you get immediate look of your great laser show even without using lasers or some complicated lightning visualization software.

3D Laser Preview in Moncha

The new 3D laser preview is fantastic to sell your laser show to client!

How does it work in Moncha?

It’s simple. First of all, you can set how many lasers you want to use. Go to Settings->Laser output settings in the Moncha menu. Select Lasers->Set number of lasers to change number of lasers in your scene. Now you can change the visualization settings using Lasers->Laser Preview Positions. Following window appears:

Laser Output Editor in Moncha

Define your laser positions

In this window you’re able to Open background bitmap. And you can move all the lasers where you want to have them in the scene. You can set Brightness and Contrast of the image too.

In the Lasers window you can move and resize laser output drawing areas. You can also move the scanner output (the small dot in the middle of the rectangles). This gives you plenty of options how to position your lasers in the scene.

You can also set preview parameters like Rear Brightness, Front Brightness and Outline Brightness, which will define intensity of the laser beams. You can also set these values separately for every laser output. Typically, you might want to set rear and front brightness to 0 for the lasers, which will be used for graphics. This will hide the laser beams.

Laser Graphics

You can hide laser beams for graphic lasers (see the middle laser output).

In the main window you can use left mouse button to rotate the view. You can use right mouse button to center the rotation and you can use mouse wheel to define distance from the lasers.

Laser Preview

The show looks fantastic from different angles.

As you can see, the new laser preview in Moncha is not only beautiful, but it’s also very easy to use. Amazing laser show scenes can be created in just a few seconds. I’m sure you’ll be able to sell your shows easier to clients using this new feature!