Laser Show for 18 Lasers Part 1 – Client’s Requirements

We did a big show with 16 lasers in Pakistan in June of 2017. How was it?

In these article series, I’ll try to describe all the problems and issues you’ll have to probably solve when creating big laser shows. I’ll try to give you a detailed idea, what all steps you should do when dealing with a client, preparing the laser show or perform it.

In this first part, I’d like to talk about client’s requirements. We’ve had the luck to be able to meet the client in Pakistan about two weeks before the show.

Client’s requirements

Client’s idea was simple – make a better job you did in Trnava show.

Thanks to video from Trnava, the client found us. To be honest, here, the laser show in Trnava was not created by us, but it was created completely using our Fiesta software.

To be honest, I don’t really like if the client’s requirement is “do the best you can”. Usually, the show is not good enough after. I like if the client is more specific, even if it’s about laser show. But luckily, we could visit Pakistan in advance before the show and there it all felt into place – we agreed about 12-minute performance, which will change a bit every 3 minutes. Because “even a striptease is boring after 3 minutes, we agreed about the schedule– 3-minute video about Pakistan as a country, 3-minute laser show, 3-minute tron dance with laser show and then Nokia’s advertisement. My responsibility was especially the 3-minute laser show part.


Stadium has not been used for a long time

What was also important was we could see the stadium in advance. I immediately realized, we’ll have to generally create two laser shows for both sides of the stadium. The reason is, you don’t see the beams that well if they’re aimed in the direction you see. The beams are maybe 10x more powerful, when you aim them towards you.

And what I also liked was the tall columns on the side of the stadium. It always looks amazing, if you install the lasers a lot higher than the audience. It’s so … pompous?


Columns are great for lasers!

What you must do next after meeting your client and checking the laser show area? Well plan the whole fun of course…