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Intuitive laser show software

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Controllers for your lasers

You need a laser show controller to be able to create laser show. Typically you connect the laser show controller over so-called ILDA input of your laser system. We produce 4 types of laser show controllers. and Moncha.go can be used with standard ILDA laser. Moncha.lite and The Upgrade are typically integrated inside laser show system. 2

Complete laser show controller for your laser with hardware DMX512 input and output.

Moncha.go 2

Perfect product if you’re just starting with lasers or you don’t use DMX512.

Moncha.lite 2

One of the smallest Ethernet laser show controllers in the world.

The Upgrade

Do you want to go beyond your current laser show technology? Upgrade your present controller to something fresh and new.

Benefits of using our laser show controllers

  • Easy to use web configuration – setup your device even using your iPhone or Android device.
  • Ethernet connection – you can create and perform laser shows even without cables using wireless networks (Wi-Fi).
  • External Art-Net control – perfect for large scale installations without computer using e.g. MA Grand or any other Art-Net console.
  • Integrated micro SD-card up to 64GB size containing up to 255 different laser shows.
  • Remote upload of your laser shows to SD card. No need to remove and insert SD card to/from your laser.
  • Extensive client support. We always help to improve and fix our products quickly.