F4M – powerful event animation properties

Static laser shows are quite boring. It’s a lot better to animate your scenes. Event animation properties are first step to do so.

Event Animation Properties

To display event animation properties you have to use left mouse double-click on your event. Following panel appears below the event.

Event Animation Properties

Event animation properties for Shapes

As you can see, you can use Brightness, Size and Rotation event animation properties for Shapes. Other image generators might use different properties. Event animation property can be animated – you can define curve, which defines e.g. brightness or other property in every point of the time during the duration of the event. This allows you to e.g. fade in the shape:

Fade in animation

Using brightness to create fade in animation for shape

Of course, you can add multiple keyframe points to your brightness (or other) curve. Just use left mouse double-click on event’s curve. This allows you to create e.g fade in followed by fade out animation.

Fade in and out animation

Adding multiple points to brightness curve allows you to create fade in and fade out for shape

You can use the same tools to edit Size or Rotation of the event.

Go Crazy!

You can really define crazy curves for your event animations. And well sometimes it’s actually practical.

Size event properties

Example of size event animation, which will create jumping size increase

Event animation properties use curves and there are a lot more tools you can use to “go crazy”. Next time of course 🙂 …