F4M – using practical cross faders in live laser shows

Cross faders and direction controls are great to “match” your laser show with music.

Animation direction

There are a few buttons in the Live settings, which you can use to set or invert direction of the animation.

Laser animation direction

Direction set or invert

You can use the bottom middle button to invert current direction. There is also hotkey for this on your keyboard next to the Enter button – \ key. It looks great, if your rotating line (or any other scene) changes animation direction while the music is in bass sequence. But it’s better, if the direction is changed every 8-th beat (or some multiplier).

There is one more button in this section and it’s used to toggle between pause/play animation. The hotkey for Fiesta is TAB button.

Cross faders

Cross faders are great to smooth the transition from one scene to another. They are located in Cross faders window of Fiesta for Mac.

Cross faders list

Cross faders available in Fiesta for Mac

We’ll probably add more faders in the future, but these are typically all you need to smooth the transitions. For lasers, the open or rewrite are great. You can control the duration of fade using Fade slider in Live settings.

Anyway again, the faders are great if they match the music. Sometimes it’s just better to keep them off and use “hard” style of switching – depends on how you feel the music.