Fiesta 5

Video Tutorials

How to start Fiesta 5 on Mac OS for the first time?

How to configure your Mac OS to be able to send laser graphics to Moncha devices? And how to locate all Moncha devices connected to your network?

Docking windows

Fiesta 5 allows you to configure your programming workspace anyway you want. It’s very practical, because you can display just a tools you need for a current task. 

Live laser show

What tools can you use to perform live laser shows?

Live laser show – cross faders, direction, …

How to use cross-faders while performing live laser show? And how to change quickly the direction of animation?

Create laser show scenes

How to create new scenes in Fiesta 5 (F5)? Basic usage of F5 timeline. How to draw circle, triangle and all the other basic shapes?

Simple animations

Laser show is quite boring without motion. The video shows an example of creating key frame animations in F5 using keyframe properties.

Animation curve editor

There are lot of tools you can use when creating animations. Like acceleration, deceleration, undo/redo, repeat and much more.

3 hour long show creation tutorial

This is a complete laser show creation class. You’ll see how to create laser show for 4 independent laser systems. Few of discussed topics:

  • Create scenes/ques.
  • Add scenes to time line.
  • Use transformations in show time line.
  • Graphic editor.
  • And much more…