Re: Bug/suggestion


Thanks for the reply.

The Red, green and blue intensity settings set the output intensity of each of these colors(they are meant to be color balance settings – e.g. to allow you lower green color if it’s too powerful). So these settings are mainly for FULL color laser projectors.

To use these settings with Single color projector I see following advantage:

Imagine you have a red laser projector – quite usual. You want also the green and blue pictures to be displayed. So you check single color projector.
But imagine, you have a circle from bank 3 effect on key 6 – the circle is colored with red and blue color. If the intensity of blue would be the same as the intensity of red, you would see one color circle(blue would be the same as is the red on the output).
So with blue slider you can lower the intensity of blue color – and you get circle, which is whole red, but where is the blue color, the intensity is lower.
Same problem is with only green or only blue projector.

I’m not sure, I’ve explained it clearly – if not, please reply what’s not entirely clear.