Re: MonchaDraw ILDA frames


    Well, it is annoying because I have to keep resizing the image everytime I add it. I have created some images with small circles at the far corners of the display. I animate them to do things. In order to take advantage of my screen size I have to resize the display > 100%. If I accidently don’t resize to the exact same number then the circles appear at different places. It would be nice if they were in the same place that I drew them at so that I didn’t have to go through this resizing exercise all of the time. It isn’t a technical problem as much as a usability problem. And when you are having to manipulate many may images in order to get the effect you want it becomes very redundant and very annoying. But, I guess I could just create a utility that reads in the ILDA file and resizes it to the correct size and then use it.