Re: Export to ilda or other formats


Standard laser format, hm, what a great idea. Please take this reply as my personal opinion only(with objective points).

ILDA standard, yes, sounds great. There are more types of ild format(2D, 3D, palette). First problem – none of them supports true color images. Yes, there is a format 4 and 5 used by Pangolin, which can do true color images, but it is non-standard. There was a new proposal for standard 3, but it was rejected. My point of view(of programmer), I’m not sure if there could be a worst new format, so I’m quite glad, it was not accepted(it would become nightmare for many developers). But, lucky us, some companies were so impatient, they’ve already started to use this new format. And now some users request us to support it, since they want to play ild files from other softwares in Moncha(Fiesta). Could the life be more beautiful?
Of course it could. So the ild “standard” comes with palette. Yes, there is standard ild palette in ild format. But do you think somebody uses it? No, everyone has its own palette(even Pangolin).
And since we’re still not perfect, ild format doesn’t contain scanrate of frame. Also it doesn’t describe what exactly it stores – you can have point oriented ild files and frame oriented ild files – but do you think, it is possible to find out, which ild you have? No, why it should be possible…
And do you dream of using ild format to store show for more lasers? Well, continue dreaming…
And the specification – do you think, you can find out, what means the color of point(is it color of previous or following segment)? No, it is not important at all, so you have to try…

But, it is only standard in the laser-world(and that’s all about the positives about it). So what can we do ..

About possibility to export shows to ild – well, it is a little problem with our shows(I know, there is only one right now in Moncha, but more will come I hope). It would not be good for us if users could just take it and export and use it on any other DAC(software). So we have to think about this. Of course I understand you, but this is quite a problem for every lasershow software company.