Re: New hotkeys in Moncha


Thanks for the reply.

I didn’t know that the [ and ] keys are working also. 😳
That is perfect enough ofcourse.

About the Enter key. I just wanna say that I noticed during NYE that it’s difficult to laser something that is almost synchrone with the played music bij the DJ. We are always too late if we hear a beat or something 😥
Thats because we have to search for a effect and press the mouse key. If this can be done by just hit a key, it would be great.
In autopilot this will working the best I think. Let it run and tap on the key.
Because the Space key is occupied already, I thought the Enter key would be perfect, but also another one is OK. Maybe the “->” arrow key?

(If yes, the Up and Down Arrow keys can be assigned to Next bank or Previous bank)