Re: just some questions


    We’ll see, if more users will demand faders, it would be possible to include them into Moncha.

    It is not recommended to import large ild files into memory, because it eats too much of memory(its just a warrning). We recommend to use show scene to play large ild files.

    The blank optimizer now works for every frame, so also the ild frame from ild file. There could be a little problem, if we allow to disable blank optimizer – because in Moncha you generally create frames(you could combine ild file with any shape from Moncha like circle, square…). So when you would do combination of these two, it would not be good. But we could allow to turn off blank optimizer for show ild files.

    Yes, right now, Moncha doesn’t remember its previous state, could be easily solved if it is a big problem.

    About that offset – yes, it would be better like you suggest, we’ll do it in some future releases.