Re: just some questions


Why is the movement amplitude dependent of the size ? I have no clue why they should be related.

For example: if you have a circle figure of x-size 10, and you give it a x-amplitude of 100. Now you increase the size of the figure, the amplitude changes accordingly. If you have a triangle of size 10 and a circle of size 100, to have them make the same movement you have to give the triangle amplitude 100, and the circle amplitude 10. I really would like this to be independent.

I would really like an numerical indication when changing the position window.

For example: if I want to create a row of evenly spaced figures in the editor, I have a hard time to line them up exactly. It would be nice to see the coordinates next to the cursor when changing positions.

The only kind of movement right now is, triangular (lineair up; lineair down) It would be nice to have some radio buttons for other kinds of movement ; sinus, square, sawtooth.