BPM alternative


As an alterntive to having a software mechanism to trigger to the beat of the music, would it be possible to toggle the “Tranfer time” from a number ranging between 200 – 10000 to a BPM (Beats Per Minute) scale.

This would give a numerical cue follow for timiing

60 BPM – 60 ticks per minute this is so slow how boring, are we there yet.
110 BPM – Cruisy funk … how cool
120 BPM – That house has a rockin base beat !
140 BPM – Wow this is arobic im burning the carbs
160 BPM – Techno Rotter dam nose bleed
200 BPM – Quick get a fire extinguisher my shoes are about to catch on fire ! 😆

If we were to say setup an effect where a line verticle sweeps from the Left to the Right, and were able to use the Tranfer time on a BPM scale it would be easy to then re use that effect at exactly the desired speed by setting the “Transfer Time ” slider to the approprite BMP for pretty much any music we know the BPM of.

PS – I hope no one reading this lives in Rotter Dam.