Re: Some suggestions


Hello Ruben,

and welcome to our forum.


– accidently typing text in a number field: value goes to zero would be better if text would be ignored

Yes, this should be like you say – there was no complaint about this issue till now, so there was no reason to fix it.

– color changer on text doesn’t work from left to right (instead the collors follow the lines of the text shape)

Well it does actually. You can change “Apply color according to” to “Point position” and set angle of coloring(from left to right set to 270).


Well to change the names of different features – it would be possible, but the names are already stable and Fiesta users are used to them, so I’m not sure if it would be good to change it. Especially I don’t agree with Directors change(we have some new features in mind, which are not input devices, but definitelly are directors).

Channels to controllers is ok, faders – well maybe transition is better too.

– out directors Would place this in seperate midi-setup
It is, isn’t it? Double click to display properties.

-text on top of toolbars instead of sideways
Yes, would be better, but we use some standard library for our windows, so for now we don’t plan to change it.

-mirrors: a function to set the size of a distorted circle or line (for use with mirror balls)
There is size by mirrors, isn’t it?

– mirrors: a function to step manualy trough the steps (or bpm based)
Well, I’m not sure, how you mean this. It is possible to make separate effects for every mirror and do that like this… To make manual switch – hm. Maybe as some special synchronizer for show? Which would play always some part of the show and stop at some bookmark and continue after keypress?

– drawing atributes: please ad rgb controllers to set red green and blue output.
Isn’t it better to choose color directly? Because by sliders you would change also brightness of every color and I’m not sure, if this would be desirable behaviour…

– output window: adjustment of the viewing angle (for example by draging the source point)
Yes, we wan’t to upgrade this, to make possibility to see all lasers in one stage and possiblity to rotate view.

– animation of the effects by roll over (like in moncha)
Could you describe more please, I’m not sure I understand this correctly.

– virtual device setting: remove rotation, size and positon parameters.
I’m not sure it would be good to remove size or position(it’s logical). By the way, the feature you mention is already working, will be added in some of future release.

– posibility to put a background image in the output window (this can be handy for mirrors and mirror ball mapping)
Hm, I know this sounds sexy. But you won’t be able to hit mirrorballs or mirrors like this anyway…

Yes, there are many good ideas, some of them already considered – and thank you very much for them. I know I replied to some of them, that we don’t agree, but maybe there are some good points(which I would be happy you mention in future replies), which will convince us to change our current opinion.