Re: Some suggestions


Out directors – well I don’t think this is a big problem. I know it’s not that important to have special window, but it’s because of some internal issues of Fiesta.

Mirrors – yes, the keys are not working. We’ll fix this.

Colors – hm, I’m not sure where I would need this feature. It can be done using optimization in device setting, but you are right, it’s quite complicated.

Effect preview – yes, definitelly important.

Preview background – you are right, for simulations it would be great, we’ll think about it.

Mixup RGB – well some special transformation could do this. Or you want it in main window? Because there are already quite a lot of controls…

Presets for color changer – definitelly yes.

Number field – well I know this could be a problem for people who start working with Fiesta but more experiecend users don’t have this problem…