Re: bug with scrolling test and warp


Well you can see that as a bug, but also it is logical. The warp transformation always(!) stretches whole image on sphere(or other form). And the image is small, if the text starts. So if you use text “Text”, you’ll see first “T”, this “T” is stretched to whole sphere. I know, it looks strange, but it’s ok…

Anyway, there’s a way to force Fiesta bypass this problem. You can create another subeffect with one point(black) on the left top corner of scroll area and another subeffect with one points on bottom right corner of the scroll area. These are not visible on the output(actualy they are cut from output), but Fiesta will see the size of input picture as a whole text scroll area – and will map this area to sphere(etc.).

I’m not sure, if it’s good explanation, let me know, if it’s not, we can send you example of this effect.