Re: beat sync


Well this is up to every user to decide of course … We try to make our software as easy to use as possible. This is important especially for beginners – it’s quite easy to start using lasers with Fiesta.

But also for professionals – Fiesta saves a lot of time especially by creating shows. Creating new effects and complete beam shows is a question of seconds. Also the connection of live and prepared laser shows is quite unique and very very (VERY!) practical. We did more than 100 events in the past and we created Fiesta in “terrain”. We’ve implemented all our most important requirements and best ideas on laser show software into Fiesta. And now we do all our shows with Fiesta and we believe it is one of the best interfaces for creating and presenting laser shows, because it provides solid, safe and reliable features required by every-day problems connected with laser shows.

But we provide demo version of the software to allow possible users to see, if Fiesta user interface is good enough for them and if it fits their needs. So I will repeat again, you can try it and see if it is good for you and you can decide, if the price is worth it. Our intention was not to make it cheap, it was to make it great…