Re: some questions



thanks for the answears.

Where do i find this ilda show image generator? i dont understand complettly.

i have now tried to in quazar klick on new usb output in the output meny but it just says: new usb not found?

i have a behringer device that have just knobs and a few buttons so maybe it is beacause i cant use any funtcion in the ” device command list” i must have a midi “keyboard” maybe for that????
i can use the “midi-in controllers” and set to knobs on my behringer midi bord but i cant save it so when i restard the program the same functions is on the same knobs, so i have to start over and set the functions to the knobs again, can you save the settings?

What is the price for that cotroller to lasermatrixx? and what wolud i cost to ship to sweden:P