Re: some questions


thanks again.

I have tried what you said about to choose ilda show but i dont understand? does i gain much memory on this? the file is still on the same place and not down in the “show area” in fiesta. I tried to load a file with music to but it just play a few seconds and then restarts, i guess i dont have the hang on that yet.

I got it to work in quasar now, the problem was i had the fiesta window open as fel, when i closed fiesta and just had quasar open i could chose new usb output and it worked, still i miss the function to draw in realtime like in a paint program, i just can do whole lines and stuffs now, not draw on free hand.

yes i have added my midi device and it also work with the functions i added to the knobs, but i just wont save for me, it disapers even if i save workspace??

and still in the device command list i cant change anything but that was only for keyboards right? the midi in controllers i cant set to knobs but like i said it dont save.