Re: moncha help needed


The problem is, we don’t know your laser, so it’s hard for us to help you. Anyway, Moncha uses standard ILDA cable:

1 X+ /-5 to +5V/
2 Y+ /-5V to +5V/
3 Blanking TTL /0V or +5V/
4, 17 Interlock /inside of device connected together/
5 Red /0V to +5V/
6 Green /0V to +5V/
7 Blue /0V to +5V/
8 Dark blue /0V to +5V/
9, 10, 11, 12, 24 Not connected
13 Shutter /0V for blanked, +5V for visible/
14 X- /-5 to +5V/
15 Y- /-5 to +5V/
22,23,25 GND

If you connect it like this, it should work. We’ve seen other companies to use even Ethernet cable instead of ILDA – well it’s working, but we don’t recommend it.